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  • I've tried every diet and so called quick fix out there; a lot of my lifetime and money wasted on gimmicks and false promises. Matt will lay out a complete plan for you and be there when and where you need him. He truly cares about his clients.–John Boardman, Ohio

  • Matt started me off with his 9 day detox program and I lost 15 pounds!! With his motivation and coaching it's hard not to succeed with his programs! He's by far the best in town.–Lisa Austintown, Ohio

  • It's so much easier to take advice from someone who has ACTUALLY lost over 100 lbs. On top of knowing all the secrets to losing weight, Matt is so motivational. You can't help but doing everything you can to lose that weight! By the way, down 60 lbs. and counting!–Betty Canfield, Ohio

  • This guy is like an all-knowing prophet of how to lose weight. Do yourself a favor. Read his book, then hire him! I've lost 35 pounds and haven't even finished his eight week program yet!–Ashley North Lima, Ohio

  • I take full advantage of the program's unlimited support feature. I text or email Matt everyday just to feel accountable to someone. I am not afraid to tell him what I did that was wrong. All that he cares about is fixing it!–Marilyn Youngstown, Ohio

  • So many failed diets in the past. I was skeptical to start another weight loss program. But with Matt offering a money back guarantee, I figured I'd give it a shot. Lost 16 lbs. in less than two weeks. Needless to say, I haven't asked for my money back!–Jennifer Canfield, Ohio

  • I couldn't believe that Matt would actually come out to my house for our appointments, and that he would see me after I got off work at 6 pm. Now I don't have to take off work and feel much more comfortable working with someone in my own home.–Donna Girard, Ohio

  • "Zero Resistance Weight Loss" is an understatement. I've never felt like this before. Instead of feeling deprived, the weight is just coming off without feeling like I'm on a diet. It's hard to explain, but Matt's system really does reprogram you to make weight loss come naturally. Every week I can count on a few more pounds being gone.–Margie Austintown, Ohio

  • I think of all those times that people would just pound it into my head that this whole dieting thing is mind over matter. “Just don't eat this or that. All that you need is willpower.” But Matt validated what I had subconsciously wanted to believe all long. There had to be something more than willpower and just because I am on a diet does not mean that life will stop attempting to screw that up, and that's what Matt helped me to fix.–Cindy Boardman, Ohio

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Matthew Good is a weight loss expert, Registered Dietitian, and author of the top-ranked downloaded weight loss and fitness book, Zero Resistance Weight Loss: How to Lose Weight Naturally and Fast. Enter this section to learn his path from hopeless obesity to being Youngstown’s weight loss authority.

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Matthew’s personal history with conquering obesity, and professional expertise regarding nutrition and weight loss propelled his development of the Zero Resistance Weight Loss System. Enter this section to learn about the philosophy of losing weight without willpower using this method’s powerful secrets.

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